Who are you standing there,
Unseen, there by the door,
Suspending in mid-air?
Only at times do I sense you,
Near me in your radiant blue.
I feel your quiet love
Like rays of sunshine,
bathing light on my troubled soul.

It is in silence
that I know you best,
in the early morning hours
coming out of sleep.
You are there as a mother
standing near her children,
beaming with tenderness
for her loved ones.

Are you my guardian angel?
Timeless, entering time,
To guide me through endless time;
Time seems endless, an endless rhyme
filled with the rage of desire,
Pride, anger, sin an unquenchable fire,
consuming life's blood as burning coal;
Only your flame lights my darkened soul.

If not an angel,
what heavenly being could you be?
Never to presume you are
the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit
to visit such a lowly existence as me.
Besides, you are woman,
Blessed and graceful,
Love forever faithful.

Are you Mary the mother of Jesus,
the One He gave us at the Cross,
Before He died for our sins?
Love and silence are your way,
Soft and blue in the morning mist,
Radiating your heavenly bliss.
Thank you for your gentleness,
For bringing your love to me.